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The Vakil family commenced operations as Humble Traders of Pharmaceuticals in the year 1951. It was in 1955 that the Company embarked on Marketing Drugs for Captive consumption. This heralded the arrival of Vilco Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. in the Domestic Pharmaceutical Arena.

What followed was a progress from strength to greater strength. It was in 1974 that the nationwide network of field force was put in place and there was no looking back. Today, Vilco has field strength of 180 plus personnel pan India, with an elaborate distribution network involving 3 depots located at Mumbai, Lucknow and Kolkata.

Vilco has a foray of Medico Marketing consultants and was the pioneer in the introduction of Corticosteroid Inhalers for Bronchial Asthma Management. In fact, the entire countrywide senior medical practitioner will remember Vilco for its “17-21” brand inhaler containing Beclomethasone which spelt a sigh of relief, possibly for the first time in Indian asthmatic population.
Not to rest on its past laurels, Vilco embarked upon expansion of its product portfolio and today boasts of wide array of formulations in varied therapeutic segments which include: Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory (including topical), Otologicals, Nasal Decongestants, Anti–infective, Ayurvedic sex stimulants (including male/female infertility), Cough and cold products, Scabicides, Anti – diarrheal, Anti – spasmodic and so on and so forth
Some of the well known brands of Vilco include Orecure, Otiflam & Waxil amongst Otologicals, Vilco Nasal Drops (Range) for Nasal Topical use, Gamaderm & Gamaderm – P for scabies & pediculosis, Betaflam (Range) as analgesic & anti – inflammatory, Vilcocef – O as an anti – infective and the newly introduced products like Sensa Q10, the ONLY scientifically formulated preparation for idiopathic Oligo – Astheno – Terato – Spermia and Vilco D3 for Vitamin D Deficiency / Insuficiency
Vilco has truly bridged the gap between the Ancient Ayurveda Remedies and the Modern – Day Remedies. Vilco is well known for its Sensa Range of products like Sensa Forte as an aphrodisiac, Sensa Royal for erectile dysfunction, Sensa spur for oligospermia, Y-Spur for male infertility, Sensa FX for female infertility and Sensa Herb as a stress buster. In addition, Vilco has in its Ayurvedic kitty, Utofit as a uterine tonic, Beta Oil as a cold rub and Apidigest as an appetizer & digestive.

The present turnover of the group of company is 300 million INR annually. The endeavor of Vilco is to launch at least 4-6 new products each year to consolidate its growth. The products eyed by Vilco are current remedies that have wide acceptance and spell advantage for the Medical Practitioners in their daily practice.

Thus Vilco has truly arrived in the Indian Pharma Market!!

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