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  Gamaderm – P Soap  

For Scabies & pediculosis

gamaderm-p soap

gamaderm_p_creamlotion_name (1)

  Each cake of Gamaderm – P Soap contains:
Permethrin …1%
Cetrimide …0.5%
  Adults and Children: Gamaderm – P Soap is used in place of ordinary toilet soap for the prophylaxis of scabies. Ideally, the person should bathe in hot water and soap liberally with Gamaderm – P Soap paying particular attention to the folded areas of the skin. After bathing, the body should be allowed to dry naturally or dried with a towel using a “blotting” action. Gamaderm – P Soap should be used daily for as long as danger of infection remains.
Bathing and scrubbing with Gamaderm – P Soap is recommended prior to application and following removal of application of Gamaderm – P cream or lotion.
For eradicating lice, apply Gamaderm – P Soap to the affected hairy region and leave it for 10 minutes. Thereafter rinse and remove; reapplication is required every 7 – 10 days till eradication of lice infestation has resulted.

  Beclo Lotion  

- Psoriasis
- Eczema
- Alopecia Areata
- Beclo Lotion is also ideal for Peristomal dermatoses


Each 20ml bottle of Beclo Lotion contains:
Beclomethasone dipropionate …0.025% w/v
  Apply a thin layer of Beclo Lotion with gentle rubbing to the affected area twice daily for up-to 2 weeks.


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